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Digital Fly Solution is committed to helping you expand your business, cause, organization, or personal marketability. Today, more and more people are realizing the power, advantage, and most importantly, profitability that a website can bring them.

Digital Fly Solution brings countless years of experience to the table. We have been doing this ever since the web first blossomed. No matter what industry, or company size - small, medium, and even large firms, we have always been dedicated to bringing positive results. Your success determines our success.


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We offer specialized services for your organization.

Web Designing

Includes the physical design with a compromise of layout and graphics spaced within your provided content and pictures. A design could include multimedia like Flash and video. Your company could have its shopping cart or your website could have its blog feature.

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Web Development

Website Development includes refining or refreshing and or expanding or enlarging upon what design already exists to provide a clean new look monthly, weekly, and sometimes even daily. Most major websites are redesigned at least once a year.

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Digital Marketing

Understanding the issues that face business today, we aim to help our clients develop a cost-effective, ROI-based marketing communications strategy that will enable them to continuously improve the acquisition and retention of a loyal customer base, and develop brand awareness through digital mediums.

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Graphic Design

Graphic design, also known as Visual design, is the production of an image communicating an idea through text and objects. We use a variety of the latest software, including Adobe Photoshop.

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Search Engine Optimization

Whether you want to enhance your online presence or increase website traffic, we provide you with the best SEO strategy for your business.

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Convert your visitors into customers now. We are offering quality WordPress development services at affordable prices.

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Our Service Strategy

Do you want to increase the traffic to your website and the visibility of your Business Online?

Web Analytics

This tool explains the procedure for collecting data and creating reports while inspecting users' behavior using key performance indicators.

Keyword Targeting

We aim to target your relevant keywords according to your services and products very effectively in search engines.

Technical Service

Technical Services means we manage full web services like website designing problems, Development problems, Payment Gateway, etc.

Support Center

We understand your problems and solve your query as soon as possible and we always focus on clients reliability.


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Keyword Research

Do you want to improve the online visibility of your Brand and your Website?

With the evolution of SEO over the last decade, the importance of entering the just right keyword has increased a-fold. For searching for an optimum level of accuracy:- List the topics about the genre of your business. You'll be able to use those topics to come up with some specific keywords. Fill these topic lists with your keywords. Search related search terms on a search engine for better research about required keywords. Go for a mix of main terms and short-long keywords in each category. Check for the competitors' ranking of their keywords. You can also go for the Keyword Planner to mark or flag any suitable terms on your list, describing your search volumes of the required keywords.

It always matters to use the right word/keyword. Using the wrong one can matter even more. The use of certain wrongly used words may lead you to utter confusion about your business results despite putting in your best efforts. These words are like affect/effect, precede, proceed, and some dreaded apostrophes. Another understanding of knowing the right keyword comes with knowing the knowledge of the keyword's intent. Your keyword's bounce rate and organic visibility, with the time on site, can be considered as some of the parameters for checking if your keyword is suitable according to the genre of your business. Aligning your keywords with the customers' point of view while framing them in your content can drive real business results for you. While it may take some time, it's worth it.

To know how to use a keyword-picking tool, first, you need to have a general idea of what kinds of keywords you are looking for. Brainstorm some of the basic topics related to your business. After you've finished making notes of your topics, look for the phrases that define or describe your business and services. You'll be using them as the starting points for your keyword research. When you enter one of the topics, you come up with your notes/list, and the keyword tool will produce a list of hundreds or thousands of keywords related to that term, along with the search volumes for each of them. Download this list as a CSV file and then repeat the process for the other topics.

You can look up certain tools and methods for getting accurate trends and keywords for your search. One of them is Twitter, listing current trends on the homepage and profile pages. Another best option is Google Trends to find out the trending topics as well as to check out the volume, a specific keyword is receiving. Social Mention also provides you with an analysis of the content through several websites to find out the trending topics. Similarly, Keyhole, Agorapulse, BuzzFeed, Reddit, and Topsy provide the same platform for your trending keyword research. The tools mentioned above have their USPs. So, you should stick to a few that give better and relevant results to you.

Choosing the paid keywords lays the foundation of any successful PPC(Pay Per Click) campaign to result in clicks and conversions. Search Engines sometimes make connections between more related terms to your business' terms/ keywords. So, it's advised to include them if you're planning to set your business match with the desired results.